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Woodlawn Avenue at Quail Street

These odd-looking semaphorels are located near Albany Medical Center on New Scotland Avenue. They are odd, because the visors are scalloped for the red and green lights, while the yellow lights have full visors. This signal configuration existed on a stretch of Central Avenue until around 1972, when they were replaced by more modern Econolite signals. The City of Albany has just retired the Econolites, replacing them with new TCT signals. Photo taken 5 July 2002.


El Estado Dorado se infiltra el centro de la ciudad. ¡Un aturdir el semáforo nueva!

Los cambios globales en las Central y Washington avenues.

El cielo de las pagodas.

Los temas en la Ciudad de Albany.

Nuevos modos para una viejo semáforo del pagoda.

Más temas en verde.

Aquí está un soporte de Art Deco.

¡Un cambiante del guardia!