Central Avenue: Changes

5 October 2002 was a very gloomy day in Albany, also. View is of Central Avenue looking east.

Old and new

Two views of the street corner show new dark-green pedestrian signals and the old wire poles installed in 1981.

Central Avenue at Everett Road

In the 1960s, fixed 4-way pagodas ruled the roost here and at other intersections on Central Avenue. Around 1972, they were mostly replaced by Econolite signals; a couple of intersections received 12" Crouse-Hinds units. The Econolite bracket 4-way signals were different looking, because of their wide spacing.

Pedestrian signals were installed in 1981, and some signals were replaced with Crouse-Hinds units. This was the situation here. The signals remained in use until a mass replacement occurred in the summer of 2002. Unlike the replacements on State Street, where the signals were green, the new signals on Central Avenue, as well as on Washington Avenue, remained yellow. The new installations are also simplified, since no exclusive left-turn signals are used anymore. New pedestrian signals are either dark green (residential) or black (downtown). All photos taken 4 October 2002.


The Golden State infiltrates the city’s downtown. A stunning new signal!

They used to prevail on Central Avenue.

Pagoda heaven!

New modes for an old pagoda signal.

More themes in green.

Here is an Art Deco bracket.

Themes in the City of Albany.

A changing of the guard!