Pagoda heaven

This driver had to contend with steamy weather on this day. These signals are in single configuration, just as they were when installed roughly 50 years ago.
Another view of the intersection at Cardinal Avenue, and it is definitely looking south. Note the faded paint on the signal in the foreground; it was acquired by Albany prior to 1955.
Here’s double the pleasure, at South Main Avenue!
Another view of the same intersection. Note the newer pole; this intersection was likely reconfigured around 1992.
Is this beautiful??? This view is of South Main Avenue, looking south. Photos taken 5 July 2002.

Hackett Boulevard at Cardinal Avenue
Hackett Boulevard at South Main Avenue

Hackett Boulevard, located on the city’s southern part, is a pleasant street that brings suburbia into the city. One stretch of the road, near its terminus with Holland Avenue, is still undeveloped, and rather wild looking.

These signals are located in a part of Hackett Boulevard, located between Holland Avenue and South Manning Boulevard, that is a split roadway, with a center grassy median. This is a very nice residential area that contains many pagoda-style four-way signals.

The set of signals at Cardinal Avenue look the same as they did in the 1950s: Single signal heads suspended on wires attached to green poles. The paint is starting to fade on them; the signals would have been acquired prior to 1955.

At South Main Avenue, the signals were reconfigured around 1992. Hackett Boulevard motorists who drive in both directions now face two signal heads, and three of the four signals are Art Deco units. Art Deco signals used to exist at the disjointed intersection at South Manning Boulevard; the Art Deco flasher is still there, but the full-cycle signals there are now modern, bracketed TCT signals.

All photos taken 5 July 2002.


The Golden State infiltrates the city’s downtown. A stunning new signal!

Global changes on Central and Washington avenues.

They used to prevail on Central Avenue.

New modes for an old pagoda signal.

More themes in green.

Here is an Art Deco bracket.

Themes in the City of Albany.

A changing of the guard!