Another prehistoric truss

Guy Park, Northampton Road and Clinton Street

The other “prehistoric” truss in the city, it probably dates from the 1940s or early 1950s. The signal appears to be an old Marbelite from that era.

In the photo at right, motorists will see a combination 2-way arrow. Not too many of these remain in New York, but they exist here.

The photos were taken on a wet Saturday morning, on 5 October 2002. Most of the leaves still had not changed color.

Looking north

This side of the signal is not working, because Clinton Street is a one way street, away from the signal. Guy Park Avenue itself is a one way street, westbound.

South view

Click on picture for an enlarged view.

This is probably the oldest truss in New York State, and the country as well.

Travel further up Market Street, and meet this GE signal.