A truly ancient signal

Remsen and White streets

This unusual pagoda-style signal, located in the business district of Cohoes, may rank with the blinker at State University of New York at Brockport as one of the very oldest signals in New York state. Its cutaway visors and Wurlitzer look suggest that it may date from the 1930s, or possibly earlier. The street scene is modern, judging from the streetlights and cars.


Up Close and Personal

This signal is no relic from “The Twilight Zone.” It has modern LED lenses. It appears to be a green-colored signal; however, yellow appears on the visors. A special THANK YOU to Francis Khoury for providing this site with the information on this signal: This is a Mabelite unit. Visit his site at New Jersey Signals. Similar signals existed in the hometown of Frank Sinatra, Hoboken, NJ, as late as 1991. Photos taken 4 July 2002.

This page updated 29 February 2004.


Check out this specimen on Saratoga Avenue!

A signal in Technicolor—or the Spirit of ’76? We don’t know.

One beauty that has not changed in over 60 years!