A hot day

On the late afternoon of 4 July 2002, this notable signal keeps a lonely watch on Saratoga Avenue. The view is looking north.

Saratoga Avenue, south of the city

Just outside the city limits of Cohoes is this interesting 4-way signal that sports a yellow casing and doors, with green visors. It is suspended at a factory entrance.

In the photo at left, note the factory building, and the Crouse-Hinds control box that is in a nice shade of yellow. All photos taken 4 July 2002.



The visors appear to have been taken from different signals. The color scheme is unusual, but it is pretty.

A piece of history on Remsen Street.

A signal in Technicolor—or the Spirit of ’76? We don’t know.

One beauty that has not changed in over 60 years!