At the newspaper

A Ford Taurus moves smartly on Maxwell Road, at the entrance to the Albany Times-Union plant. All photos taken 3 October 2002.

Maxwell Road (near Albany-Shaker Road)

This blinker guards the entrance to Albany’s daily newspaper, the Times-Union. The newspaper has been owned by Hearst for years; in 1960, Hearst purchased its afternoon counterpart, the Knickerbocker News. By the end of the decade, both papers had moved to this location, which is actually at Albany-Shaker Road and I-87. While the “Knick” printed its last edition in 1988, the Times-Union remains the region’s largest daily newspaper.

The signal is apparently a vintage Crouse-Hinds Art Deco three-way blinker that has not been painted yellow. While both the poles and signals are old, the unit was probably installed around 1970, when the plant opened.

A closeup of the signal. Note the spiked dome where the lens would otherwise be. This is a three-way signal.

A very special thanks to Patti Hart, Interactive Media Director of the Times-Union, for the use of the newspaper logo for our Macromedia Flash button on this site!


Vintage Eagles regulate traffic at an apartment complex.

A new replacement signal—and in yellow.

One bleached pagoda signal.

Near the Tobin plant.