Towers of Colonie

Above, eastbound view of Sand Creek Road at the Towers of Colonie.

View is from the driveway of the apartment complex. The picture isn’t the best, but you can see the traffic move.

The signals are turning yellow. Note how the visors are all yellow; normally, the insides of the visors are black. All photos taken 3 October 2002.

Sand Creek Road at the Towers of Colonie

It is not too often that an apartment complex will receive a set of signals. But this is the case here. The poles used for the wire may be 50+ years old, but the signal heads are vintage Eagles that probably date from around 1965 or so.

Nice installation!


A vintage blinker watches the newspaper plant, from Maxwell Road.

Vintage Eagles regulate traffic at an apartment complex.

A new replacement signal—and in yellow.

One faded pagoda signal.

Near the Tobin plant.