Two left turns

Corner of Glen, Warren, Hudson and Ridge streets

This intersection has always been the center of Glens Falls. In the 1800s, a water fountain was placed in the center of this intersection. At that time, it was a K-shaped four-way intersection. The fountain was removed to make way for the trolley, which operated in the city until 1928. Pole-mounted signals were first installed. Then, a Crouse-Hinds Art Deco signal was installed in the 1940s. Originally painted green, it would be repainted yellow around 1960. It regulated traffic until 1975, when the intersection became a five-way intersection with a one-way traffic scheme.

Two-way traffic on Glen and Ridge streets resumed by 1998. The tubular masts date from 1975, and 3-M optical signals were first used. In 1979, they were replaced by 12-8-8 green Marbelite signals; those were replaced in 1991-92 by 12-inch safety yellow signals, which are in use today. The dual left signal featured here dates from around 1997-98, when the traffic patterns reverted to two-way operation.

The top arrow is for Warren Street, the bottom arrow for Ridge Street.
All photos taken 5 July 2002.

An independent primary school with an equally independent signal.

The last remaining pagoda-style signal in the city.

Many pole-mounted signals here. Shades of New England!