The Look

Crandall and Sherman avenues

If any city invented a trademark look, it was Glens Falls, back in 1975. Basically, “The Look” involved a yellow-colored signal that had a 12-inch red light, with 8-inch yellow and green lights, mounted from a green-colored tubular mast. Usually, many signals are mounted from the mast, but at this intersection, only one signal head is used.

The city deviated from this around 1978-79, when it used green signal heads at the intersection with Glen/Warren/Ridge streets and Hudson Avenue, as well as other places. Since 1983, it has consistently used safety yellow signals. One can wonder if Saratoga Springs is now emulating Glens Falls, since Saratoga has 12-8-8 signal configurations.

Whatever the case, this city is a delight to visit. It indeed has The Look!


One signal is dedicated to providing just that—TWO LEFT TURNS!

An independent primary school with an equally independent signal.

The last remaining pagoda-style signal in the city.

Many pole-mounted signals here. Shades of New England!