Schenectady+Canada =

Looking west from Hamilton Street. The lights are flashing red, but the signal on the right has a green arrow, too.

A most interesting intersection
in New York State

Peru, Broad, Pike
and Hamilton streets

4 October 2002 was cold, rainy and windy.

And it was also beautiful, too.

In the photo at right, note the signal sensor mounted on the street light fixture, and the older, yellow colored Crouse-Hinds control box. Many of the old-style control boxes exist in Plattsburgh. Most are yellow, with a few green colored ones. Modern control boxes are unpainted.

The view looking northbound.

The view looking south.


Newer signals with backplates, like something out of the Golden State.

The typical signal. It looks like a Saratoga Springs signal, circa 1966, with a Syracuse twist.

Something out of the Bluegrass State?

A warning light that looks like something out of Endicott.

It greets you as you enter on Route 3.

The oldest installation is also a compilation of different influences. We’ll explain.

One block from the oldest installation is an interesting treatment of trusses.

Older signals that have a couple of oddities.