Class of 1966—
defining a generation

Broadway and Lincoln Avenue
This pair of 4-way bracketed signals are among the last of a series of signals installed at city intersections around 1966. Marbelite manufactured these units, which used a one-piece bracket (used widely in New Jersey); full visors for the red and yellow lights; and a scalloped visor for the green light. Ten years later, these signals were outfitted with the 12-inch lens magnifiers seen here (used for the red light).

Most of these signals were repainted green in 1979. These signals escaped the paint, and have remained in the same configuration since the 1960s. Now, these lights will be replaced. All photos taken on a hot 4 July 2002.


Here is a closeup of one of the Marblelite signals, shown above. It remains in very good condition after 36 years of continuous operation on the city’s main thoroughfare.

New pole

At right, this ornamental pole will be used for pedestrian signals at Broadway and Lincoln Avenue. Its design reflects the city’s Victorian heritage. The city uses brown for the color of its poles and other signal hardware.


The signals that defined a generation. They now face replacement, by the Class of 2002.

The city’s last remaining fixed 4-way signal is about to retire, courtesy of the Class of 2002.

An interesting history here.

Almost the same age as the high school.