A sight to behold: The ugly shopping center that replaced the Grand Union Hotel is gone, replaced by this new edifice, corner of Broadway and Washington Street. The new signals are here. Photo taken 1 September 2003.

From the Webjefe: I took an interest in the signals in this resort town from the time I was a youngster. I can still recall ancient 4-way signals with round tops on Church Street from around 1965. I also remember the blinker signal at Railroad Place and Division Street. Later, the city would install Marbelite signals that reminded me of New York City signals.

But times changes.

The city started repainting its signals green in June 1979, and they are now gone. The last remaining regular signals, including the last pagoda 4-way, were replaced this past year in the largest signal replacement since 1966. Even so, the city’s signals will continue to demand attention, because their fixtures use a Victorian design, reflecting the city’s charming history. And it is appropriate, since the city is experiencing a revival of its heritage. It is a city well worth visiting!


The signals that defined a generation. Replaced by the Class of 2003.

The city’s last remaining fixed 4-way signal, now retired, courtesy of the Class of 2003.

An interesting history here.

Almost the same age as the high school.