A very weird photo, taken 4 July 2002. View is toward the southwest.

Railroad Place and Division Street

There is much to talk about here. This steel truss was installed around 1961-64 or so, and was silver in color. Originally, a 4-way blinker hung here; around 1968, a full-cycle traffic signal was installed. The railroad stopped running here in 1959 (hence, the name of Railroad Place), and a bus station was situated here.

Lens magnifiers were installed in 1976. Three years later, the signal was repainted in green, and the present signal was installed in the 1990s. Likewise, the truss was repainted brown. The bus station was demolished a long time ago. New buildings have been constructed, including this new one that is situated on the old railroad right-of-way. Photo taken 5 July 2002.

Click here for another view of Railroad Place.


The signals that defined a generation. They now face replacement, by the Class of 2002.

The city’s last remaining fixed 4-way signal is about to retire, courtesy of the Class of 2002.

Almost the same age as the high school.