Exactly two years later …

A hot Fourth of July, 2002. The temperature is over 95 degrees Fahrenheit (over 35 degrees Celsius).

Two years later

Two years later, the new signals are in operation. These views, looking north, empahsize the color scheme of the new signals: yellow signal heads, suspended on wires mounted from dark green poles. The pedestrian signals are dark green in color, and use international symbols. At left, you can even see an old street light fixture dating from the 1930s with a GE-style lamp mounted on it.


For the view two years earlier, click here

The Golden State infiltrates the city’s downtown. A stunning new signal!

Global changes on Central and Washington avenues.

They used to prevail on Central Avenue.

Pagoda heaven!

New modes for an old pagoda signal.

More themes in green.

Here is an Art Deco bracket.

A changing of the guard!