Washington Park today

A vehicles waits for a green light, so it can cross Harold Johnson Boulevard. The street was once called Northern Boulevard. Photo taken 3 October 2002.

Harold Johnson Boulevard and Lancaster Street.

The new signals are working.

They differ from other downtown installations, in that the signal heads are dark colored, not yellow. The signal heads appear to be black, but a closer examination show that they appear to be dark green (see at left).

According to the Albany Times-Union, the signal replacement was performed with the intention of making the signals more visible. More specifically, the tubular masts were installed, because the signals could then be placed more prominently above the road. The masts are much longer than the trusses they replaced. Photos taken 3 October 2002.

Another view, this time looking from Willet Street.

Click here for the new Willet Street signal.


The Golden State infiltrates the city’s downtown. A stunning new signal!

Global changes on Central and Washington avenues.

They used to prevail on Central Avenue.

Pagoda heaven!

New modes for an old pagoda signal.

More themes in green.

Here is an Art Deco bracket.

Themes in the City of Albany.