Willet Street today

View is looking east on Lancaster Street, from Washington Park. Note the black-and-gold colored street sign; this is part of the color theme used today.

View is looking north on Willet Street. Photos taken 3 October 2002.

Willet and Lancaster streets

This intersection, too, uses dark-colored signals. The signals appear to be black, but may actually be dark green. It may be because this is a park setting. However, many nearby intersections use the same-style ornamental tubular mast, with yellow-colored signals.

Click here for the new signals in Washington Park.

Click here to see this intersection in July.


The Golden State infiltrates the city’s downtown. A stunning new signal!

Global changes on Central and Washington avenues.

They used to prevail on Central Avenue.

Pagoda heaven!

New modes for an old pagoda signal.

More themes in green.

Here is an Art Deco bracket.

Themes in the City of Albany.