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Shades of Binghamton—
or the other way around

Fulton and River streets

In the mid-1970s, downtown Troy received these set of signals. Evidently, Binghamton patterned its downtown signals after these. These tawny-colored signals are manufactured by Crouse-Hinds.

The Binghamton comparisons are appropriate, because both cities are the same size, and have downtowns that are older looking. However, Troy has the healthier downtown today. The Webjefe visited Aquilonia Comics, a very nice comic book store. He also smelled the delicious cooking of an Indian/Pakistani restaurant, located across the street from Aquilonia.

Remembering 1967

The Webjefe remembers a visit he made to downtown Troy in January 1967. He was visiting his grandmother, and had seen some memorable television shows the night before.

On that Saturday, he went shopping with his family, and remembered seeing a pole-mounted signal that only had the casing; there were no doors or lenses. In the 1960s, Troy was deteriorated. Today, the city is in better shape than Binghamton, owing to a more active economy.

These signals, left, reminded him of this. They are not in use, because Fulton Street is one way, going east.

All photos taken 4 October 2002.

A closeup

Here is a closeup view of a pedestrian signal. This signal is manufactured by Crouse-Hinds of Syracuse, NY.