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12 July 2002

Added Broadalbin page

15 July 2002

Added picture to Albany home page, as well as California page.

25 July 2002

Added pages for Saratoga Springs: School blinker and Railroad Place. Also added Troy pages.

11 October 2002

Added Amsterdam and Plattsburgh pages.

13 October 2002

FINALLY added Hyperlinks page.

15 October 2002

Added Canajoharie pages.

17 October 2002

Updated Washington Park pages with photos of signals installed in 2002. Also added page for signals at Quail/Woodlawn in Albany, as well as the page “Old dog—new tricks.”

19 October 2002

Added Southern Boulevard page in the Albany section.

11 November 2002

Added hyperlink to Teeco Safety (they still make fixed 4-way pagoda signals).

14 November 2002

Added Cohoes pages.

22 November 2002

Added more pages for Troy section

23 November 2002

Added Gloversville pages.

2 December 2002

Added Johnstown pages.

9 December 2002

FINALLY!!! The Glens Falls pages have been added!!!

26 December 2002

Merry Christmas! Updated Corinth pages; (sadly) the mill closed.

31 December 2002

Joined the Traffic Signal & Road Sign Ring. Happy New Year!

2 January 2003

Added page “Central at Everett” in the Albany pages.

17 January 2003

Added page for Saratoga County.

22 February 2003

Added page for Hackett Boulevard and South Manning/Whitehall (“More Themes in Green”) in the Albany pages.

7 March 2003

Added Colonie pages. A special thank you to the Albany Times-Union!

23 March 2003

Added a second page to the Washington Avenue page in the Albany section.

15 October 2003

Updated the “Psychadelic” page in Cohoes section.

2 January 2004

Updated Saratoga Springs pages. Happy New Year!

29 February 2004

Updated “Ancient” page in Cohoes section.

18 November 2004

Made template changes to Web site, and FINALLY started uploading Schenectady pages.